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Life is nothing but toxic coexistence.

A long last day here at home really made me appreciate what I do have. The loss of a vibrant soul taken too soon from our world was a striking reminder that friends and family are the most important things that we have and to never take them for granted. Though many of us are all over the state and country right now, as a two-year team captain I am so proud to see the bond that developed within our team and to see the support shown during this tragic time for one of our own. Though a dark shadow has been cast over this day, the light from friendships and love will prevail in memory. This day carried a lot of emotions with it being my last day at home as well, but I am grateful that it was this day of any to express so much love amongst those who mean the most. I really do want to express my deep appreciation for all the cherished friendships and bonds that cannot be broken, because I do not know where or who I would be today without them.